Women’s Self-Defence – Be Aware Of His Hideouts!

A woman can avoid been attacked in some scenarios and that is by far the best self-defence technique for you. There are many ways a women can defend herself in certain situations before there is any sign of someone harming her. Common attacks generally happen unannounced, for instance if somebody has gone out to deliberately Continue Reading


Convicted Woman Attacker Reveals What He Looks For

It is the law of nature; women are more likely to be victims of assaults, robberies and even worse than a man would be.  When a criminal looks for his next victim, he will choose the one he thinks he can most easily overpower; usually, this will be a woman. There are several tricks a Continue Reading


Arnis – The Philippines

Arnis escrima sticks

The Philippines is the origin of the escrima sticks, they introduced a Martial Art called Arnis which is based on the implementation of 2 sticks each approx 76cm long (escrima) and was generally used in the fighting systems during internal conflict. Although this art form was very cultural it spread out to other countries such Continue Reading


Pankration – Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Pankration

The ancient art of Pankration is a Greek Martial Art which has been traced back to 648 B.C. as a competitive sport. There isn’t a huge amount of records for the rules implemented in Pankration, therefore it’s entirety is not known but it seems that there weren’t many. It was a very brutal sport and Continue Reading


Child Self Defense

The best thing a child can do during an abduction is to make as much noise as possible while kicking and wriggling as much as possible. Check out this video of a real scenario caught on CCTV where a little girl does just that! When they are away from their adults, children need to know Continue Reading


Mike Clarke WKC Points Fighting – Video

It is great to see that Mike Clarke WKC Points Fighting expert has returned on top form qualifying for the WKC World Championships in October in Montreal, Canada. Mike is no stranger to the points fighting circuit and in previous years he has shown great skill with exhilerating performances that many could only hope to Continue Reading


How To Defend Yourself Against An Attacker

When you live in a rough neighborhood, you know how important it can be to know how to defend yourself against and attacker if you need to. It could happen when you least expect it. And it could be caused by a robbery, carjacking, domestic violence, or just about any other reason under the sun. Continue Reading


Martial Arts Discipline

martial arts discipline

It is essential to use martial arts discipline if you really want to take your self defence classes seriously and progress to your highest possible goals. This means you need to train your mind to do what is right and leave what is wrong regardless of how difficult this can be. Unfortunately if you take Continue Reading


Self Defence Warm Up Routine

Shaun Warner

  My Basic Warm Up Routine 1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and gently bounce side to side on the balls of your feet (30 secs) 2. Keep bouncing and bring hands up to chin level, start throwing straight punches to the front (30 secs) 3. Stop punching, hold arms at shoulder level and Continue Reading


Warm Up Routine – Self Defence Classes

clipart warm up

If anybody ever tells you that you don’t need to do a warm up routine before self defence classes, don’t believe them. Although you wouldn’t have time to warm up if a street fight occured it doesn’t mean you don’t need to do it in lessons. Warming up prepares the muscles, tendons and ligaments so Continue Reading


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